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Panic Bars, Importance in Commercial Property

Do you have any idea of what a panic bar is? If you don’t, don’t worry. You’re not alone. There are a lot of business owners out there in addition to many other people who have no clue what these devices are about. Well, since you’re here, it means that you must be wondering why they are important. By the time you’re through reading, you should have a very good idea of what a panic bar is all about. You may even realize that you have used them on many occasions without knowing what it was.

As a business owner, you may be told that panic bars are important devices to have in your business. Locksmith in San Bernardino (located in San Bernardino, CA) can install, maintain and repair these panic bars for you. Just give us a call and let us know your concern. We even have panic bars in stock. Contact us to find out how we can help you today.

What Are Panic Bars?

Panic bars are very important devices when it comes on to emergencies. They are a small bar that is often placed on the inner side of a door. If there is an emergency, you do not have to worry about power going to the door for it to be opened. Instead, all you do is push on the panic bar to open the door. you should realize by now how invaluable a device like this can be in an emergency. They allow for easy exit and can help to prevent a pile up of people at exit points.

In some states, panic bars are mandatory for commercial properties once they are able to accommodate a certain number of persons. For smaller buildings with a much smaller capacity, panic bars tend to be optional. This does not mean that panic bars are unnecessary in these smaller buildings, it just means that the law doesn’t mandate it.

Regardless of whether the law mandates its use, panic bars can be a great advantage to all types and sizes of commercial properties. If you have ever been to large stores, you may have pushed that long horizontal bar on the door to get it open. That is a panic bar. That is the device that can make it much easier for people to exit a building.

Are Panic Bars Really Necessary?

As a business owner, it is your prerogative to make sure that you employ the best safety and security measures to keep your employees and clients safe. One way to do this is by installing panic bars on your exterior doors.

Here are a few reasons that should convince you to purchase panic bars for your commercial property.

  • They are affordable.

Unlike other safety features that you can install at your commercial property, panic bars are a very inexpensive option. You don’t have to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars to purchase them. And, once they are installed, they do not tend to require a ton of maintenance. In fact, a panic bar can last for many years once you maintain it properly. Imagine that! After spending less than a few hundred bucks, you can get a product that enhances the safety of your commercial property and it will be durable and low-maintenance.

  • There is a variety of options to choose from.

It may seem a bit odd to say that panic bars offer variety, but they do. Some will have more features than others. Of course, the more basic your panic bar is, the cheaper it tends to be. Once you start adding features to it, this is where the money can start adding up. Nonetheless, even with all these added features, panic bars still remain quite affordable in comparison to other safety products.

  • They enhance the safety of your property.

This cannot be emphasized enough. Panic bars are a very good asset. Think about it! Why would some states mandate it? It must be that there is some value to having it at your property. If you want to increase safety, especially in the event of an emergency, panic bars are a great investment to make.

Installing Panic Bars

Can you install panic bars without professional help? Sure! Many people who are handy may opt to attempt to install them on their own. However, you run the risk of damaging the product before you have even completed the install. What a waste that would be. Instead of taking all night to install a panic bar that could be installed much more quickly and easily, call on the professionals for help. You can save yourself a lot of hassle and you may just save the extra money that you would have to spend to purchase a completely new panic bar because you ruined the first one.

Locksmiths are trained to install, maintain and repair panic bars. When you are ready to install yours, make sure you find a reliable and experienced locksmith in your area that can install it for you. It’s not a good idea to trust a rookie. They may have the knowledge required to complete the install, but experience is definitely important. We’re sure that you do not want a rookie to handle a device that will be very important in the event of an emergency.

No matter what type of business you own or how big or small it is. Think carefully about getting panic bars installed. If you are in San Bernardino, there is a locksmith company that you can rely on for all your panic bar needs- Locksmith in San Bernardino. We have so many top brands of locksmith products in stock including panic bars. Come choose your panic bar from our wide selection of products. We are sure that we have a panic bar that will appeal to you and cater to your needs.

Do you have some other concern about panic bars? No problem. We are the panic bar experts. Just give us a call, let us know what problem or concern you are having and we will find the best way to assist you.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

How You Can Benefit from a Keyless Entry

Let’s face it; teenagers are not the most responsible people in the world. They have a lot going on and can often do things that are very irresponsible. Their being irresponsible can affect the safety and security of your household. If you have children who also have keys to your house, just consider the lack of security you will have if they misplace or lose their house key. The same is true of anyone in the household who has a key and loses it. Your homes security is now compromised. We only mentioned teenagers because they are not as careful as older ones when it comes to things of this nature. However, with the advances in technology, there is something that you can do to minimize the possibility of lost or stolen house keys. Many homeowners are finding out just how beneficial it is to have a keyless entry. The keyless entry allows you to get in and out of an area without the use of a physical key. It not only eliminates the need for a key but it also offers you a greater amount of convenience. If this isn’t enough to convince you of going keyless, perhaps these things will.

Benefits of Keyless Entry

  • When you divorce or separate from a spouse, you can quickly change the access code to prevent them from gaining access.
  • The need for keys is eliminated
  • Keys are not duplicated
  • No one can get inside without knowing the code
  • You can set codes for service providers and quickly change it after the job has been completed
  • You can open remotely from your smartphone
  • You can program your keypad to provide access to someone at specific times on specific days
  • It decreases the chance of burglary when there is no lock to be compromised

Now if you’re a business owner, you already know the value of having keyless entry. However, if you do not, here are some things for commercial business owners to consider.

  • You can monitor who is coming and going
  • Employees can be quickly added and deleted from the keyless entry system. Your other employees do not have to be affected by these changes
  • Employees can receive access into specific areas during specific times of the day
  • You can disable the system to keep employees out after-hours
  • Management can be offered access into areas where other employees are not able to access
  • Instead of having someone sign people in and out, your system can keep track of this information for you
  • Theft is decreased
  • You can keep track of how many people are in your building at any specific time of the day.

Since this type of entry allows for quick and easy access, it is no wonder they are placed in government buildings, hospitals and schools. With so much foot traffic, it could become a little congested if proper steps were not taken to avoid this from occurring. There are several types of keyless entry locks available to you. Here are some of the most popular.

  • Electronic Keypad Locks – This is one of the most popular types of keyless locks.
  1. If a code is compromised, it can be reprogrammed quickly. It can even be reprogrammed from a remote location.
  2. Specific codes can be given to each person with access or one for the entire family. If you are a business owner, you will likely want each employee to have a different code.
  3. It doesn’t require hard-wiring to be installed. This means it’s not very expensive to have it installed.
  4. When there is a power outage, most models offer an override feature, which will still offer you access into your home or business.
  • Electronic Keypad Lever Combination – This is another popular keyless entry option. However, this one is better suited for businesses rather than homes.
  1. A fob key is used instead of a traditional key
  2. They can be programmed based on the proximity of the transmitter
  3. They come with override feature that will allow you to open the door when there is an emergency
  4. Any access code can be quickly reprogrammed
  5. Access codes can be programmed and reprogrammed remotely
  6. Battery operated models are available
  7. They monitor who is coming in and out of the building
  • Intercom System – This is a valuable system that works for home or a business. It is a system that is used most often in apartment buildings and businesses. This system gives homeowners the ability to speak to who is approaching their home before giving them access inside. You will often notice that before you are able to just walk into someone’s apartment, you will have to call them on a call box. This call box has an intercom. You look up the tenants name and press the button associated with their name. Once they respond, they the door will disengage and you will have access inside. If this system ever needs to be replaced, our technicians at Locksmith in San Bernardino will be able to use the existing wiring. After someone moves out, the code is then deactivated and a new one is generated for the next tenant. This affords tenants an extra layer of security and they are able to easily access the building with the use of a fob key instead of a traditional key.

With all of these advantages, it is no wonder so many homeowners and businesses use the keyless entry. Once thought of as something only rich people invested in, the keyless entry is now accessible to everybody regardless of their finances. Manufacturers see the benefit in offering this to homeowners and now offer it in every price point. With the amount of burglaries that occur today, people are always trying to find ways to prevent it from happening to them. If you are one of these people, you might just consider the level of security offered with a keyless entry.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Do you need help from a locksmith? Would you like to know how to hire one? Locksmith in San Bernardino should know; after all, we are an established, highly regarded, full-service lock and key firm that services the entire San Bernardino, CA metro area with many highly satisfied customers that call us again and again for premium quality, 24-hour locksmith service. Of course you can always call us for help with your locks and keys, but what if you live somewhere else, or you just want to know the best ways in which to select a solid performing, highly professional locksmith company?

Just call any locksmith, right?

Um, no! This is the wrong way to go about hiring a good locksmith. The sad truth of the matter is that many people go through more effort selecting a cleaning service than they would a locksmith. Sure, clean is important, but so are your safety and security. Throw in the protection of your loved ones and belongings and you can see how choosing the best locksmith for your hard earned dollar is important.

Insist on a license

This surprises many people. They sometimes feel that they are paying more for “a piece of paper” and concentrate more on getting a lower price or bid. Big mistake! The truth of the matter is that with a tiny bit of effort, you can find a fully licensed, bonded, and insured San Bernardino, CA locksmith company that is not only affordable, but is skilled, experienced and great to work with, too!

Oddly enough, many of the people saying that you don’t need to hire licensed lock and key help are the ones that didn’t pass the tests or requirements needed to actually gain a license. But think about it; would you go to an unlicensed doctor or attorney? Would you let a dentist work on your teeth if he or she never got certified? Remember; you are not hiring cleaning help or a baby sitter. Your quest is to hire a person that can properly and professionally service the locks and keys to your home, car or business! Let that sink in for a minute.

Anyone can make keys, right?

At first, this is a good observation. It’s partly true. You can take your house key to any local home improvement store or mail center and someone there will most likely be able to copy it for you. So far; so good. Now, let’s say that your house gets broken into and you need new locks installed on your door tonight; before you go to sleep or leave for work in the morning. Can you call your clerk from the convenience store and have him come over? A locksmith does more than just make house calls. He is a specialist in lock protection. A proper locksmith will be able to repair the lock damage done or install a newer, better lock in its place.

Another example would be your car keys. If you lose or break your car’s transponder key, you would have to call upon your car dealership to supply you a new one. That key would have to be programmed and duplicated at the dealership and you would have to bring your car in to do it. This would involve a big price tag, long service area waits and tow fees too, as your car won’t run without a proper key.

On the other hand, a full service automotive locksmith in San Bernardino, CA would simply come to your location and cut and program a key for you on-site. The convenience is astounding and the price would only be a fraction of what the dealer charges. The quality would be equal or better, too. Are you starting to see where hiring an experienced and licensed professional is vital for good customer service and proper locksmith quality?

Start calling now!

What? Call now? What if you don’t need a locksmith yet? Actually, this is the best time of all to call. Think about it. When do most people call for a locksmith? It’s when they need one immediately! Maybe they just go locked out or lost their keys. Maybe their home was burglarized and the locks were damaged. We agree; call a locksmith when you need one, but have one picked out beforehand so that when the need arises, he or she is already selected and on speed dial on your smart phone!

Insist on these qualities!

Your locksmith of choice needs to be affordable; not cheap, but fair in price and honest. Look for a shop that offers free price quotes along with good customer service. Many of your better establishments also provide no-obligation consultations and friendly telephone assistance anytime needed.

Emergencies happen; that’s a fact of life. Look for a shop that offers 24-hour urgent lock and key help including nights, weekends and holidays. Make sure that fast response times are part of their offering – minutes count when you are having an emergency! Some shops offer live response telephone dispatchers and this is a good thing! Too many emergency messages go unanswered when lost in voice mail or in an outdated answering machine.

Mobile service vehicles are important. Ask your locksmith of choice if theirs are fully gassed, fully stocked, and always ready to come to your aid, 24/7. You don’t want to need a lock professional, only to have him held up because they are waiting on a vehicle.

Your San Bernardino, CA locksmith needs to carry insurance and be bonded. If a mishap occurs on one of the jobs, both you and the lock professional need to be covered. Be sure to ask about this when calling local shops and if the staff shy away from this question or any other, avoid them and call someone else.

It’s worth taking a little time to call, ask questions and find the right locksmith for your needs. Look for the above qualities and you can’t go wrong! Who knows; you may never need to use a great locksmith, but if you do; he’ll already be logged in your mobile devices!


Friday, March 3, 2017


San Bernardino DeadboltAre you shopping for the best locks for your home or business? Once you start, you’ll see that there’s an almost countless selection of sorts of locks ~ such as wall-mounted locks, pin-tumbler locks, deadbolts, bump-proof locks, high-security cylinders, lever-handled locks, padlocks, cam locks, rim locks, interchangeable core cylinder locks, mortise locks, doorknob locks, key-in-knob cylinder locks, combination locks, keycard locks, biometric locks, switch locks, and even more! The most well-known reputable name brands are:

  • Ace
  • American
  • Arrow
  • ASSA
  • Baldwin
  • Ilco
  • Falcon
  • Kwikset
  • Master
  • Medeco
  • Primus
  • Schlage
  • Yale

Deadbolts, as any expert locksmith will advise you, are a dependable line of defense when it comes to effectively guarding your place of residence. The reason they’re called “dead” is because they don’t have springs to operate the bolt; that is, a deadbolt is operated by hand ~ with a key or thumbturn.

Professional residential locksmiths usually recommend that you install deadbolts on all exterior doors. There are many different types of deadbolts. The most common are: single-cylinder, double-cylinder, jimmy-proof, and lockable thumbturn.

  • The single-cylinder deadbolt is the standard deadbolt lock, with a key cylinder outside, and a thumbturn inside to close or open it. These deadbolt locks are normally found on solid wooden or metal doors. The only drawback to this deadbolt is that if there’s any access to the inside ~ such as through a window in the door, through the peephole, or through a window close to the door ~ then a thief could open the door with the thumbturn.
  • A double-cylinder deadbolt adds a bit more security. This deadbolt has a key cylinder both inside and outside the door. That means that if it’s locked, the double-cylinder always requires a key for opening the door from inside. It’s perfect if your door has glass in it, or if your door has a window nearby, because a thief who manages to break the glass and reach in will not be able to unlock the door. Its one minor downside is that you have to remember to keep an extra key available in the house, so whenever folks are home, in case of fire or any other emergency, everyone can quickly and safely get out of the house.
  • A jimmy-proof deadbolt is a surface-mount lock, which you often see on double doors and at apartment complexes. A surface-mount lock means that the lock screws inside the door, instead of with a unique drill pattern, the way a basic deadbolt does. A jimmy-proof deadbolt is well-liked, since only minor door modifications are required. In this kind of deadbolt lock, the deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket. Thus it’s not prone to being pulled apart, and it’s also hard to force it open from the outside.
  • The lockable thumbturn deadbolt combines the features of the single-cylinder and the double-cylinder deadbolt. With a thumbturn inside, it works like a basic single-cylinder deadbolt, yet it can also be locked with a key, so that the thumbturn won’t unlock or lock your door unless you also have the key. The thumbturn can thus be left in an unlocked position while you’re home, but it will still work just like the single-cylinder deadbolt. Then, when you go away, especially if it’s for a long time, the thumbturn can easily be locked. This deadbolt provides superior security and flexibility.

These are all smart choices in deadbolts. There are also other viable deadbolts you ought to consider: mortise, rim, vertical, keyless, and digital.

  • A mortise deadbolt is a deadbolt that can’t be easily tampered with. Old-fashioned-looking, this deadbolt is installed in a mortise or recess pocket, cut into the door’s edge. This lock offers you extraordinary resilience; but one disadvantage is that because you need to penetrate the door frame to make a large hole, it may slightly weaken the door’s structure.
  • A rim deadbolt is an easy-to-install deadbolt, bolted to the inside face of the door. One plus to this deadbolt lock is that it locks behind you automatically when you close the door, so you won’t ever forget to lock it. Obviously, if you lose your keys a lot, you may not see this feature as an advantage. Also, some view a rim deadbolt as unappealing and clunky.
  • A vertical deadbolt lock is bolted to the inside of the door, but on top, making it impossible for a burglar to force it open by placing a bar between the door and the frame. It’s relatively effortless to install this deadbolt. One minor shortcoming to the vertical deadbolt is that it’s a little unwieldy; some folks view it as unattractive.
  • A keyless deadbolt lock is mounted on the door’s inside, but it has a keypad rather than a keyhole. You put in your secret code rather than turning a key. Since you don’t use a key, there won’t be a concern over having it stolen or losing it. Another benefit is that you can change the code as often as you want to optimize your security.
  • A digital deadbolt is much like a keyless deadbolt, having a keypad, but it also requires electricity or batteries. With this deadbolt, make sure you always keep the batteries charged, or your property will be absolutely vulnerable if there is a power outage. One weakness to such an electronic device is that there’s a small possibility it could be hackable.

This has been an overview of the most popular no-nonsense locks. The fact is, there is a lock to fit every purpose and locale. If you want to make well-informed decisions about the exact right locks for your home or your commercial building, take your questions to a trusty local locksmith company. If you’re in San Bernardino, California, hire a reliable locksmith such as a mobile residential locksmith specialist on staff at Locksmith in San Bernardino, where free consultations are available.


Friday, February 24, 2017

What to Do If You Lose Your Transponder Key

Automotive Castle Rock Locksmith - (720) 310-1717 Castle Rock, CWhen you end up misplacing a key, it is extremely frustrating. This is especially true when you use that key every single day. Maybe you have occasions in which you seem to misplace a piece of insignificant jewelry, or even a piece of clothing (which is actually just at the bottom of your closet). But losing a key is a much bigger deal. The team at Locksmith in San Bernardino, which is based in San Bernardino, CA gets so many calls about missing transponder keys that they have put together this information so that if it ever happens to you, you will know exactly what to do. One thing that many people do is turn directly to their car’s dealership, but the fact is, you can actually get much better rates and sometimes even faster service by turning to an automotive locksmith for help.

A locksmith provider that is local to your area who focuses on automotive options will provide you with repairs and replacements for a great rate. This covers more than just transponder key programming and transponder key replacement. From an expert such as this, you can also usually take advantage of break in repairs, lock replacement and a whole lot more. Now let’s have a look at what goes into transponder key replacement, and the steps to take if you end up losing a transponder key.

First of all, be sure to retrace your steps to make sure that your transponder key isn’t actually just hiding out in your home. Check the places you normally put your key down. Do you typically have it sitting on the driver’s seat while you unload groceries? Do you come in and set it down on the counter? Sure this sounds like common sense, but in a state of panic, it can be easy to forget the basics. If you are sure your transponder key is lost, read on!

Transponder key replacement

Here is what you need to know: a transponder key is made with a chip that is placed inside its head (usually plastic) and once it is activated, it sends a signal to your vehicle. Basically, without the right transponder key, you can’t start your vehicle. This is a theft deterrent, and a strong one. In order to replace a transponder key, one needs a replacement key blade which is cut to the appropriate configuration and then the transponder chip must be programmed. If this sounds a bit confusing, it is, and that’s why it is best to turn to an expert for help with transponder key replacement and programming if you happen to lose your transponder key.

Here is what you can expect to need

If you misplaced your transponder key, you will need to be able to prove that you are the owner of the car. Car registration is useful for this. If you have a chip code, this will make things even easier. This can be obtained through the manufacturer of your vehicle. An expert will, upon verifying that you are in fact the owner of the vehicle, cut a new key for you. They will need the vehicle’s chassis number to do this. Again, this is why you will need registration for said vehicle. The chassis number will be in this documentation. A locksmith will then program your chip with the chip code. They might also end up reprogramming the ECU so that it will work properly with the replacement key.

Choose someone you can trust for the task

Obviously, whenever it relates to the security of your property, you want to hire someone you can trust. If you have made the decision to avoid going through your dealership because the price is too high or because there isn’t a dealership anywhere near you, then here are some steps to take to pick the best lock and security provider for the job.

  1. Ask people you already trust if they have an automotive locksmith that they would recommend. Word of mouth is a great way to learn about excellent businesses. Talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends, talk to your coworkers. See if they recommend anyone. If you tried this and didn’t get the information you were looking for, then try an online search. Through Yelp, Facebook and other apps/sites, you will be able to find more information and reviews on local businesses.
  2. Once you have found a locksmith, give them a call. Ask them about what they have to offer. Make sure that they are insured and licensed.
  3. Make sure that they are willing to provide you with a free price estimate for transponder key programming or transponder key replacement.

Obviously, if you are in San Bernardino, California you can call the team at Locksmith in San Bernardino for help. This is a team that understands exactly how to work with transponder keys and they can even give you tips on how to avoid misplacing your key in the future. There are so many other services that can be discussed with you as well, from lock replacement to repairs after a break in. You might even want to know more about keyless entry for the future. Just be sure to turn to a professional when it comes to services such as transponder key replacement. You don’t want to end up making a mistake that ends up costing you more money later. If you have done your research and know now that you want to talk with a lock and security provider, be sure to pull up one that is local to your area. There are locksmiths all over the country who have plenty of experience handling locks and keys for homes, businesses and vehicles. You can rest assured that most of these local experts offer very competitive prices, so it won’t cost you a small fortune to have the work done that you need.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Getting the Best Locks

San Bernardino Keypad LockIt is true that most people want to get what the pay for. Nobody enjoys spending their hard earned money on crap, even if it is something as small as a lock. Just because it is a lock doesn’t mean that it can’t be a quality lock. If you do not take the time to find out what types of locks are considered to be the best and which ones are not, then you actually stand a better chance of getting a good lock. Don’t be in a jury to buy something to have a lock on the door. What is the point in securing the door with a lock if the lock doesn’t prove effective. If you are in a hurry and you must put something on the door, get what you can for now but don’t make this your permanent solution.

Our San Bernardino locksmiths at Locksmith in San Bernardino will still encourage you to shop around for the best lock possible to secure your door. If you want to be able to get what you pay for, make sure you do your research before purchasing a lock that is ineffective. A good lock will offer you the best level of security. Regardless of where you buy your lock, you just want to make sure you’re able to make a well-informed decision about the level of durability a certain lock has to offer. We understand that it is possible to buy the same locks that you already have on your door but it might not be the best choice, no matter how easy it is to go with what you already have. The following article will highlight ways that you are able to find the best locks for your doors. The best lock would be one that you will not be easy for someone to break.

Get Your Money’s Worth

When you don’t take the time to do the research to find the best lock possible, you often end up with something that wasn’t worth the expense. Instead of taking chances with your safety and security, why not give yourself enough time to really research the various types of locks offered to you. You actually will get what you pay for when you choose a less expensive lock. This is because they do not use the same quality of materials to design the less expensive locks. Since they don’t have to use quality materials when designing these locks, it is logical to conclude that you may not get the best quality lock at the cheaper rate. If you buy a cheap lock, it is fine if you’re using it just to keep a door shut. However, if you are buying a new lock to secure an area, you want the best quality of lock possible. You’ll definitely want a more durable lock, which cannot be compromised. There is a number rating associated with locks. Many people use this rating to determine, which type of lock they will buy. However, be advised that the rating doesn’t always prove to be accurate in determining the level of durability that a lock has. If you want to know for certain just how durable and sturdy a certain lock is, consult with the professional associates at Locksmith in San Bernardino.

Price Does Matter

It is often proven that the more expensive the lock is the more durable it usually is. However, there may still be a price point that you feel is most appropriate for you based on your household expenses. This is fine, just keep in mind what you want to spend on a new lock and remember that this is all that you would like to spend. Make sure you are able to receive the absolute best lock at your specified rate. A more expensive lock often uses better material to design and construct it. If you’re interested in a more high-tech lock, you may even choose to buy a smart lock. With advanced technology, it is extremely difficult to compromise this type of lock. Although the upfront expensive of having this sort of lock installed is expensive, it is well worth it in the end as you’ll never have to worry about it being compromised. However, if this type of lock doesn’t interest you, there is nothing to worry about, there are still plenty of lock options. Just keep in mind that you are paying for the lock construction when buying a lock. When you’re looking for a consistently effective lock, it will often be made with solid construction. The manufacturers make it worth the added expense.

Does Lock Brand Matter

It doesn’t always matter as to whether or not a certain lock was designed by a well-known manufacturer or not. In many cases, people will buy a lock simply because they are familiar with the brand or have heard the name of a certain brand before. This does not mean that that particular brand offers the best locks; it just means they have the marketing dollars to market to a larger audience of people. This is likely why you hear of other brands more than others. You cannot trust every brand simply because they are popular. You also have to be careful about less known brands. Those that you are not familiar with are often made overseas. They often lack good craftsmanship and therefore are not always in effective in securing your room or area. The fit of a particular lock determines just how effective the lock will be along with its level of durability.

At the end of the day, you just want to make sure you make a conscientious decision about the locks that you use to ensure you have the best chance of preventing a break-in. Keep safe and secure your valuables by researching the types of locks that you will be able to choose from. The last thing to remember is that no matter how good the locks are, if you do not have a good locksmith to install the locks, it really doesn’t matter how good the locks are, they still won’t be effective.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Importance of having a gun safe

If you have guns you need a gun safe; it’s that simple! Not only do they protect your loved ones, guests and yourself, they also protect your guns, too! Here in San Bernardino, CA many people have weapons at home, and a proper gun cabinet can not only secure your firearms from children and thieves, but it can also provide protection for your guns from fire, dust, floods and other disasters.

Azusa Safe openingWhat is a gun safe?

Gun safes are also known as gun cabinets. Here at Locksmith in San Bernardino we don’t care what you call them; we just want you to use them if you have guns of any kind at home or at your business. Gun safes are usually made of wood or metal and protect your guns from improper use that can include theft, idle play, dangerous games, curiosity seekers and anyone not authorized to use or handle them. Every year we hear about children, neighbors and guests that accidentally shoot themselves by finding or fooling around with a gun that was loaded and just “lying around” waiting to be found. Having a proper gun safe on the premises helps control the unauthorized use of dangerous firearms that can injure, kill and cause havoc among loved ones and families alike.

Gun accidents can happen anywhere yet people often assume that a loaded gun tucked away in a corner, or under the bed is safe. Out of sight; out of mind doesn’t hold true here or there wouldn’t be so many tragic accidents involving firing a loaded weapon that was within easy reach.

Gun safe also protect your guns!

A well-built gun cabinet can secure your guns from children, nosy guests, neighbors and other household members. It can also protect your weapons from bad weather, fires, floods, dust, excess moisture, wind and even scratches! You can also use your gun safe to store other valuables in. These items can include cash, jewelry, flash drives, documents, stock certificates, licenses, credit cards, car titles and registrations, insurance papers and anything else that you deem valuable and worth securing.

But, what if I need my guns?

Sometimes people call our Locksmith in San Bernardino shop and ask about gun accessibility. They have a point; how can they quickly get to their guns if they need to? After all, aren’t the guns locked up and secure? With the rise in home invasions and burglaries, they seem to have a point! Picture the poor homeowner hearing the sound of a window breaking while lying in bed frozen with fear. With all this stress, they can’t remember where they put the keys to the gun safe or they can’t remember the combination code to the lock. Someone’s in the house and you have loaded guns, but they are locked away in the other room, and there’s no way you can get to them, unlock the cabinet, and defend yourself and your property.

San Bernardino Broken key extractionGet some advice

Here’s where getting professional advice is essential. If you work with the right locksmith shops you can get free consultations, free price quotes and honest, affordable prices on dozens of types and models of gun safes that you can strategically place in your home or office so that fast and easy access for you is practically assured. Many San Bernardino, CA locksmiths offer biometric gun safes so that there is no tedious and time consuming locking and unlocking before you can access your guns. Biometric safes use fingerprint technology to better secure your safe and rule out unauthorized access by children, neighbors or crooks. If this sounds very “science fiction”-like, consider that this amazing technology is already being used in Apple iPhones and many other affordable and useful applications.

Don’t have a big budget?

Don’t worry; you don’t need one! Sure, if you want to spend lots of money on gun safes, you can, but why do that if you don’t need to? You don’t have to opt for second rate quality either! Many locksmith shops including Locksmith in San Bernardino offer affordable options and huge selections of gun safes from different brands and manufacturers. You don’t have to get your gun safe from a San Bernardino, CA locksmith shop, but if you do, you’ll most likely save money and time by having licensed, mobile professionals set you up and do the installation too.

You can also find gun safes at safe stores, home improvement stores, firearms shops, pawn dealers and at local retailers like Sears, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Best Buy and Bass Pro Shops. You can do research on gun safes, prices, and brands by going online at any of the above retailer’s websites or so a simple Google search for “gun safes” or “gun cabinets” and check there for prices, shipping charges, warranties, model types and other pertinent facts that might help you make a selection. Don’t forget Amazon! Here you can not only select a great gun safe for your needs, but you can also check reviews from other consumers. Bear in mind that there will always be complainers and a few negative reviews as opposed to a greater amount of positive ones shouldn’t worry you.

Gently use gun safes?

Yes, you can go “used” when buying a gun safe by checking pawn shops, Craigslist, local garage sales, second hand stores and police auctions. We highly encourage you NOT to buy damaged gun safes that offer little to no protection other than a place to lean your weapons inside. The old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true here.

Be creative

By this we mean think outside the box and consider unusual or diversion gun safes. These are creatively made gun safes that don’t look like what they really are. Most people that don’t know they are actually gun safes will not even recognize them as they can be quite stealthy in appearance. For instance, they might be hidden under the stairs or built into a bookcase or table. Many of them are actually part of the furniture, and since they don’t look like a gun safe, people don’t see them as such!

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