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What To Do In Different Lockout Situations

San Bernardino Keypad LockEven the most careful persons get locked out at times. You can’t prevent lockouts on a 100% basis but you can know what to do in different lockout situations when they do occur. Lockouts happen anytime you have locks, keys and locking mechanisms. It only takes a tiny moment of inattention for that locked door to close behind you or for you to leave your keys in the ignition. Keep reading to see a few tips that Locksmith In San Bernardino offers for dealing with lockouts in your car, at your home or even at your workplace or business location.

Keep Your Emotions In Check!

It’s easy to say and hard to do. No one ever plans on getting locked out. We are usually busy doing something else. If we get locked out of our cars, we are probably running in to drop off some dry cleaning or loading groceries in the trunk. If we are home, we might be going out to bring in the newspaper or letting the dog out for a restroom break. People get locked out of their jobs or businesses all the time. They have so much on their minds that it’s easy to forget your keys on your desk. The important thing is to NOT panic. Freaking out never helps! Staying calm helps you to think better and remember more. It also doesn’t raise a red flag if someone is looking to take advantage of your situation in any way.

Don’t Go Smashing Things!

In other words, don’t break into your own property! This is a natural reaction. After all; it IS your property. One problem with this scenario is that you could get hurt. Broken glass makes for some awful cuts. You can bleed out in seconds and the risk to your well-being is just not worth it. Also, why complicate matters by causing destruction that will need repair at a later time? This could get expensive and you could even get hurt by someone living in or near the property. Many a roommate, spouse or sibling has shot someone that was simply trying to get back inside their own home or car. Neighbors can also have the best intentions but they can assume that you are a burglar (or worse) and shoot or hurt you in some way. Police and security guards are usually armed and can mistake you for someone else, especially at night. Always keep in mind that here in San Bernardino, CA locksmith service is plentiful and often affordable and there’s never a need to do anything drastic.

Automotive Castle Rock Locksmith - (720) 310-1717 Castle Rock, CAuto Lockouts

Here’s one place where it’s easy to get locked out! There are a “million” distractions that we have to put up with when driving or using our vehicles. We have traffic, parking, pedestrians, street signs, deer crossings, school buses and lots more to think about. It’s so easy to not pay attention for a second or two and lock your keys in the car’s ignition or trunk. Not only does this cause a change of plans, but it can be dangerous, too if you have small children or pets in the car or if you are locked out after dark or in a less than desirable neighborhood.

Home Lockouts

It’s a good thing that Locksmith In San Bernardino is mobile! We get home lockout calls all the time and at all hours. We classify residential lockouts as accidental ones as opposed to evictions or foreclosure lockouts which are deliberate. The person might have simply gone out to get the curbside mail and the front door closed and locked behind him. Bathroom or bedroom interior doors are also easy to lock yourself out of. There’s nothing quite like being stranded outside your home (in your pajamas or robe) and looking foolish while your neighbors watch you trying to figure out your situation!

Automotive Castle Rock Locksmith - (720) 310-1717 Castle Rock, CCommercial Lockouts

Getting locked out of your shop or restaurant is also a common occurrence. Staff can go out for a smoke break and prop the door open with a chair or brick. All it takes is someone moving the prop even a little and the door closes and locks behind you. Most outside commercial doors are pre-locked anyway as a precaution to keep unwanted intruders out. Other forms of lockouts include restaurant walk-in refrigerators, storage facilities, office centers and many more. Commercial lockouts usually happen in early morning hours while trying to open the business or late at night when cleaning crews or late workers are tired and somewhat distracted.

What Are My Options?

Spare keys are a good idea but they must be used smartly! Locksmith In San Bernardino discourages keys under the door mat or in the flower pot. Burglars and other crooks will surely think to look there. You CAN leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor or relative. If that is not an option you can hide one in a place only you know like in the glove compartment, in the backyard barbeque or even in a fountain.

Pay phones and huge, thick phone books are gone for good. You can still call for help but do that wisely, too. Be sure to add the phone number to a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith to your smart phone contact. Like most people, you likely take your mobile device with you everywhere so it’s smart to just be able to “tap to call” and get help right away.

We like to recommend that you call our Locksmith In San Bernardino location or your favorite lock and key shop and while you wait for help to arrive, call a friend or family member to stay on the phone with you. This does two things. One, it keeps your mind off of your problems and two, it adds a potential witness in case of any problems like strangers approaching you or anything else that might seem threatening. Don’t be paranoid but DO be proactive and smart by following these simple and useful tips!

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