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San Bernardino Smart KeyIf you don’t pay attention to your home security, unfortunately, your property will be more attractive to a burglar. But there are plenty of things you can do to protect your home. A professional criminal will always find a way to get in, so no property is completely impervious. Still, you can take numerous reasonable and effective measures to prevent most circumstances in which a robbery might occur.

Reinforce your doors. Take a good look at all your outside entry points. A hollow door is of lower quality, which means it’s easier for an intruder to penetrate. It’s better to have a solid door made of wood or metal.

Check all your door locks. If any of your doors’ locks are vulnerable, you can reinforce them by replacing the strike plate (that is, the stationary piece where the bolt enters), and by mounting an extra solid metal plate for the sliding bolt on the doorjamb. If you have short mounting screws, you’ll add extra strength to the doorframe by replacing them with longer screws, which will reach the door’s studs.

You can better secure your sliding-glass door by placing a wooden dowel cut to size, or an adjustable safety bar, in the floor track. You can also add a floor bolt.

Keep your garage-door remotes and keys and in an inconspicuous location. Don’t keep your keys and remotes on display next to the door, where anyone could see them through the window! Instead, keep these important items well hidden, inside a drawer or cupboard.

In fact, keep all your valuables hidden.

  • Store your emergency cash, your precious jewelry, and any of your other heirlooms and treasures in unusual locations.
  • Buy a home safe, particularly one you can anchor to the floor.
  • Rent out a safe-deposit box at your bank for any extraordinarily valuable items.

On the other hand, don’t keep a “hidden” key outside. The truth is, most robbers will find your extra key kept under the welcome mat, inside the mailbox, above the door, or beneath the flower pot. Even if you have a keyholder disguised as a false rock, professional crooks will likely already know what it looks like. Instead, give a spare key to a neighbor you trust.

Don’t leave any ladders outside. A prowler can pretend to be a contractor or handyman, and could try to use your ladder to gain easy entry through a second-floor window or your balcony.

Establish some basic household rules.

  • Always make sure your garage door is in working order. Whenever you’re not around, keep your garage door shut and locked.
  • Anytime you’re away, lock your doors and windows, and also do so before everyone goes to bed for the night.
  • Make it a practice not to answer your door to strangers. (Install a peephole if you don’t have one.)

Secure your air conditioning unit. Since you don’t want a burglar to enter your home through an unsecured window, install an air-conditioner bracket, corner braces, or a sliding window lock.

Put up warning signs and insignias. Post a logo from a security company near each door, and add window stickers too ~ even if you don’t really have a security system. Neighborhood Watch signs work, too. Try being creative! Put up a “Beware of Dog” sign and loudly play a tape of a barking dog while you’re gone.

Eliminate potential hiding places. Trim your hedges, trees shrubs, and all other plants regularly. If they’re not well spaced, or too ungainly or tall, a potential thief can easily hide.

Use lights effectively. Of course, you should always leave some indoor lights on whenever you’re gone. But what about outdoor lighting? It’s a good idea to install outdoor lights with motion detectors near each door. They’ll discourage trespassers from daring to even enter the perimeter of your property. If you can spend a bit more, some motion-detector lights can be connected to your smart device, to alert you of any sign of foul play so you can respond instantly. Some outdoor lights also respond to changes in daylight, sound, or temperature.

Install timers. You can put your porch lights on timers, so that when you’re gone all day, or away for an extended vacation, you can make it look like someone’s still home the entire time. It’s relatively easy to attach timers to your lights, radios, TVs, and computers. If you can install a smart light timer, you’ll be able to monitor and control everything with a mobile app.

San Bernardino DeadboltInstall better locks. Any professional will tell you that deadbolts always provide extra security. Use a grade-2 deadbolt lock, which penetrates the doorframe. Heavy-duty will be stronger and superior.

Digital locks are electronic devices providing increased security at your front door. Some can even be synchronized with your smartphone, so you won’t have to carry a house key at all.

Install surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras obviously cost more than what we’ve discussed so far, but if it’s within your means, a surveillance system is a great way to effectively keep you aware of everything that’s happening around your property’s perimeter. You’ll be able to contact the authorities right away if you see anything suspicious. If you want to buy a premium surveillance camera system, it could record 24/7 video footage.

San Bernardino Keypad LockUse high-tech home automation. If your budget is bigger, nowadays you’re able to monitor home activities with a smart app. You can manage your whole house with a smart alarm system, checking your property anytime you want while you’re away, and remotely simulate routine habits. Your properly almost takes care of itself! Should any unwanted activity be detected, you’ll be notified with an alert on your smartphone, giving you across-the-board security.

Explore the many ways you can augment security. There are so many things you can do to enhance your home’s security. Some take a bit more effort and investment. To learn more about all your options, bring your questions to a reputable expert. If you’re located anywhere in San Bernardino, California, consider scheduling a free consultation with a staff professional at Locksmith in San Bernardino.


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