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What to Do If You Lose Your Transponder Key

Automotive Castle Rock Locksmith - (720) 310-1717 Castle Rock, CWhen you end up misplacing a key, it is extremely frustrating. This is especially true when you use that key every single day. Maybe you have occasions in which you seem to misplace a piece of insignificant jewelry, or even a piece of clothing (which is actually just at the bottom of your closet). But losing a key is a much bigger deal. The team at Locksmith in San Bernardino, which is based in San Bernardino, CA gets so many calls about missing transponder keys that they have put together this information so that if it ever happens to you, you will know exactly what to do. One thing that many people do is turn directly to their car’s dealership, but the fact is, you can actually get much better rates and sometimes even faster service by turning to an automotive locksmith for help.

A locksmith provider that is local to your area who focuses on automotive options will provide you with repairs and replacements for a great rate. This covers more than just transponder key programming and transponder key replacement. From an expert such as this, you can also usually take advantage of break in repairs, lock replacement and a whole lot more. Now let’s have a look at what goes into transponder key replacement, and the steps to take if you end up losing a transponder key.

First of all, be sure to retrace your steps to make sure that your transponder key isn’t actually just hiding out in your home. Check the places you normally put your key down. Do you typically have it sitting on the driver’s seat while you unload groceries? Do you come in and set it down on the counter? Sure this sounds like common sense, but in a state of panic, it can be easy to forget the basics. If you are sure your transponder key is lost, read on!

Transponder key replacement

Here is what you need to know: a transponder key is made with a chip that is placed inside its head (usually plastic) and once it is activated, it sends a signal to your vehicle. Basically, without the right transponder key, you can’t start your vehicle. This is a theft deterrent, and a strong one. In order to replace a transponder key, one needs a replacement key blade which is cut to the appropriate configuration and then the transponder chip must be programmed. If this sounds a bit confusing, it is, and that’s why it is best to turn to an expert for help with transponder key replacement and programming if you happen to lose your transponder key.

Here is what you can expect to need

If you misplaced your transponder key, you will need to be able to prove that you are the owner of the car. Car registration is useful for this. If you have a chip code, this will make things even easier. This can be obtained through the manufacturer of your vehicle. An expert will, upon verifying that you are in fact the owner of the vehicle, cut a new key for you. They will need the vehicle’s chassis number to do this. Again, this is why you will need registration for said vehicle. The chassis number will be in this documentation. A locksmith will then program your chip with the chip code. They might also end up reprogramming the ECU so that it will work properly with the replacement key.

Choose someone you can trust for the task

Obviously, whenever it relates to the security of your property, you want to hire someone you can trust. If you have made the decision to avoid going through your dealership because the price is too high or because there isn’t a dealership anywhere near you, then here are some steps to take to pick the best lock and security provider for the job.

  1. Ask people you already trust if they have an automotive locksmith that they would recommend. Word of mouth is a great way to learn about excellent businesses. Talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends, talk to your coworkers. See if they recommend anyone. If you tried this and didn’t get the information you were looking for, then try an online search. Through Yelp, Facebook and other apps/sites, you will be able to find more information and reviews on local businesses.
  2. Once you have found a locksmith, give them a call. Ask them about what they have to offer. Make sure that they are insured and licensed.
  3. Make sure that they are willing to provide you with a free price estimate for transponder key programming or transponder key replacement.

Obviously, if you are in San Bernardino, California you can call the team at Locksmith in San Bernardino for help. This is a team that understands exactly how to work with transponder keys and they can even give you tips on how to avoid misplacing your key in the future. There are so many other services that can be discussed with you as well, from lock replacement to repairs after a break in. You might even want to know more about keyless entry for the future. Just be sure to turn to a professional when it comes to services such as transponder key replacement. You don’t want to end up making a mistake that ends up costing you more money later. If you have done your research and know now that you want to talk with a lock and security provider, be sure to pull up one that is local to your area. There are locksmiths all over the country who have plenty of experience handling locks and keys for homes, businesses and vehicles. You can rest assured that most of these local experts offer very competitive prices, so it won’t cost you a small fortune to have the work done that you need.

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